How To Fix Minor Damages In A Flat Roof

How To Fix Minor Damages In A Flat Roof


Just like any other roof, even flat roofs need a regular care. There can be minor damages like blisters, cracks, or splits on bitumen or asphalt roofs. Even if you are not experienced with the repairs, you can easily do it with a toolkit. In this article, you will get tips on repairing different types of problems that may occur in a flat roof.

  1. Fixing Splits

The first step to repair splits is to remove the chippings. To soften the surface of the affected area, you can use hot air paint stripper or even a blow torch. This allows you to scrape away the chippings with ease. Before beginning, the repairs make sure to clean the area which has to be treated. Do not forget to get rid of the lichen and moss. A bleach or a fungicide will do the job. The cleaning part is important as the patches will not stay long if the surface is not clean. After cleaning the surface repair the split with a self-adhesive tape. If the split is really wide use a mastic compound before using the tape. Use the primer over the affected area and after application let it dry for an hour’s time. When the affected area has been treated with the primer you can apply the tape to it. In case the split is not so big, you can fix it simply covering it with the tape.


  1. Fixing Blisters

Blisters Found In Asphalt Roofs

You need to treat them only if you find any moisture or water inside these blisters. To begin with, the repairs, start heating the affected area with a blow torch. You can even use a paint stripper for the same. After this, the next step is to flatten the blister. In case there is moisture inside the blister you need to cut it. Let the moisture come out and let it dry. After doing this again heat the asphalt and then press the blister. Do not forget to apply mastic before you finish the job. Cover the treated area with the repair tape.


Blisters Found In Felt Roofs

Intersect the blister and peel it back. Heating it will make it easier to peel. Now clean it well and leave it to dry. After it has dried completely, apply the bitumen adhesive. Let is stay for a while, and after you feel it has set slightly, use galvanized nails to cover it back. To cover it completely, use a repair patch and your job is done.


With these tips, you can easily fix these small issues related to a flat roof. Inspecting your roof two to four times in a year and doing the repairs with these tips will give an extended life to your roof. In case you feel that the situation is out of your hand, you should approach a commercial roofing contractor. To find a reliable roofing contractor you can do a research on the internet. You should choose the best roofing contractor in the place you live. For instance, you are living in Texas, you can search for the best roofing company with the keyword “Texas flat roof repair“. Home Town Commercial Roofing is the best roofing contractor in Texas. We deal in all kinds of roof repairs. Call us today at (800) 434-2231 to get a free on-site roof analysis & estimate.


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